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How it Works

  The Demo

The Demo which we be around 40 minutes,  we will focus on what ever issue, goal, topic you would like to work on that has a negative charge in any way.  For example your reactions to someone at your job, issues of anxiety throughout the day, lack of motivation, confidence issues, what ever it is for you that you would like to see changes, clarity & growth.  We will then have a discussion to get a clear idea of the situation and what our goals are.  Then we will use some of the strategies & techniques of the Paradox Process to shift  & clear your negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the issue we are working on.  You will see a instant shift in your feelings & thoughts about the issue.  Some topics will take more work than others.  The purpose of the Demo is to show your what this process is capable of doing & the potential impact it can have on your life.  When you learn this process you are taught the different techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere.  We use the term "Software for the Mind" because that's pretty much what it is.  A way to direct your mind ....

What to Expect in learning the

Paradox Process

The sessions are structured in such a way that you will be learning the styles/tools of the paradox process, strategic intervention techniques, meditation as well as other formats in-order to give the necessary tools to transform your life.  As well as learning these techniques we will also be working on your issues throughout the session, which will also include homework, email support and material for you in writing and video.  As a result of learning these technologies you become more mindful, aware of your inner & outer world and have more confidence in your ability to handle what shows up in yor life.

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