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Christopher Aronsen

He has developed a unique & dynamic way of working with people that  gives his  clients the tools they need to be the master of their own destiny.  Christopher started his journey at age 16 where he was introduced to the institute of applied psycho-therapy where he became a member and then a coach for about 15 years.  His philosophy is to discover & employ the best strategies & techniques in-order to achieve your objectives in the quickest way possible.

  • The Paradox Process / Coach & Co-developer

  • Tony Robbins-madaness Core 100 Coaching Cert:

  • Joe Vitale "Law Of Attraction" Cert:

  • Ace Personal Trainer / Nasm Senior Fitness Specialist Cert:

  • Spectrum Cable/Public Access Tv Show "Body Coach"

The Paradox Process

The Paradox Process was created by Rodger Bell, Thomas Jones & a handul of other's about 30 years ago.  Both Rodger & Thomas were directors of Therapeutic communities as well as psycho therapists.  They also Hosted  " The Open Door " a coast to coast cable show dedicated to unlocking the powers of the mind.  As a result of there Theraputic practice and communities the Paradox Process has become a break through Technology allowing the user the ability to transform their life.

Think of the Paradox Process as software for the mind.  It is used in a very similar way like an app on your phone or computer.  Imagine if you could press a button or in this case use a activation phrase & it would trigger a automatic meditation.  Now also imagine that you can also direct your mind with a program or directive to clear

very specific fears, blocks, limiting beliefs , past hurts, etc.  This is truly a break through technology & once learned it is yours for life.  A skill that will shift & transform your negative thoughts, feelings & beliefs.  As well as sharpening your mind in many facets

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